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Horizon Sales

Are you looking for a unique, valuable and cost-effective way to improve your business?

Horizon Sales, Inc. is the sister company of Horizon Concepts, Inc. We offer specialized Contained PlayPlace ideas and designs for locations across the Northeast USA. If you are interested in receiving our complete sales portfolio along with product catalogs, please indicate “SALES PORTFOLIO” in the Contact Us section of our website.

Maintenance Program

Do you need help with corporate inspections?

Our new MAINTENANCE PROGRAM allows you to:

  • Minimize your liability exposure.
  • Avoid claims of negligence with proper documentation.
  • Templates are provided.
  • Customize a cleaning and/or maintenance schedule to fit your needs and budget.
  • Have your Playland inspected by a certified CPSC playground safety inspector.

Call our office today and we’ll be glad to set you up in our New MAINTENANCE PROGRAM!

The Maintenance program is a contract between owner and (HCI) that puts you on a maintenance schedule customized to your needs. For more information or to sign up for the program please contact our office.

Repairs/ Maintenance/ Inspections/ and Installation:

Horizon Concepts, Inc. is the certified SoftPlay installation company for the Northeast. HCI has over a decade of experience in the industry and specializes in new installations, repairs, maintenance, netting change outs and refurbishing playgrounds.

Repairs/ Maintenance/ Inspections/ and Installation are all done on a first come first serve basis. You may contact us via phone/ fax/ E-mail. Please provide us with the services you need, a general schedule for the work and a way to contact you. Once the information is received all work will be done in a timely and professional manner.

Safety Surface

Horizon Concepts, Inc. offers a variety of safety surface options. Including Poured-In- Place safety surface using the highest quality raw materials, clear urethane sealer for the pour-in-place surface, and a variety of safetysurface tiles, including synthetic turf over shock attenuating foam board.

We also can provide a complete replacement which is the complete removal of the current playground surface and re-installation of new surfacing.
A Re-cap includes the removal of damaged areas in the top layer of the rubber, priming and installation of a new rubber top, and a rolled application of urethane. Often there is no need for a complete re-install.  
Patch and seal are patch plugs in the place of holes and tears. A top coat of urethane completes the job.  
Top coating is a rolled application of urethane that will leave your surface looking bright. Small cracks and abrasions will be filled in.  

“Most playground facilities managers are beginning to ask themselves if their playground surface is looking a little worse for wear. Are there cracks? Having their playground look unsightly doesn’t put them in a very good light. Moreover, those cracks can cause some real safety problems.

“ Why do I need to do maintenance on my playground surface?”

“There are three good reasons to institute a regular maintenance program for your Poured-In-Place safety surface: to be fiscally responsible by protecting your investments, to maintain an aesthetically pleasing environment and to ensure safety.” For more information please visit Today’s Playground at www.todaysplayground.com.